Mind Blowing Before / After Videos

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Shooting a lacrosse ball is an extremely difficult skill that takes years to master.
  • Due to it’s complexity it can be very difficult to teach and because of that factor, most youth players are never taught exactly how to do it.
  • Without proper guidance and instruction, most kids are left to “figure it out” on their own and see little to no improvement in their skills over time.
  • My 4 phase system has gotten undeniable results for players of all skill levels.

What if I told you that the first question that I am often asked as a coach is the wrong one; “Where did you play College Lacrosse?”

I played Division 1 Lacrosse at Fairfield University.

Better yet what if I told you that the day after I graduated from Fairfield University, I was not qualified to coach your son/daughter.

I did not know how to get them proven results.

The questions you should be asking are the following:

  • Where have you coached Lacrosse?
  • Who have you coached and what results have they gotten working with you?
  • Do you have any before and after videos or pictures?
  • Do you have any testimonials?
  • How do you separate yourself from every other Lacrosse Coach?

You should trust me to coach your son/daughter because of the thousands of hours of experience I have coaching Lacrosse players of all skill and age levels in an intimate 1 on 1 small group training atmosphere.

Since starting my business 3 years ago, I have been able to see first hand what mistakes kids are making and what is the best way to fix those mistakes.

As a result, I have developed a specific, progressive program that is easy to follow and has gotten undeniable results for over 500 plus boys and girls and counting.

As you will see from the following Before and After Videos, I have developed an easy to follow system that has been able to teach hundreds of kids how to improve:

  • Passing, Catching, Shooting, Dodging and Defensive techniques and how to continually work toward perfecting them
  • Shooting Velocity
  • Shooting Accuracy
  • Lacrosse IQ and Game Awareness
  • 1 on 1 Defense
  • Dodging Ability and how to separate from their defender
  • How to react in crucial Game Time situations like 2v2, 2v1, 3v2, and 3v3 from both sides of the ball

Watch these before and after videos and see for yourself how our 4 phase system has gotten undeniable results.

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