Get A Little Better Each Day

If you aren’t succeeding instantly, DO NOT PANIC.


If you aren’t improving as a player the way you expected to at this point, DO NOT PANIC.


If you didn’t get the playing time that you expected this spring, DO NOT PANIC.


Here’s what you do.


Identify what the best players (in college Lacrosse or the MLL) at your position are doing and make a plan on how you can improve on each of those skills.


Then try to get 1% better everyday.


If you can only catch 10 in a row on wall ball with your non-dominant hand today, catch 11 tomorrow.


Doesn’t seem too hard right?


Then 12 the next day.


Then 13 the next.


By the end of the week, you will have gotten 70% better and improved from 10 to 17!!!

Now, if I told you to go from 10 to 17 in one shot it would have seemed a lot harder.

Do you think you can also get 1% stronger?


1% faster?


1% better at dodging?


Small daily improvements add up over time to produce staggering long-term results.

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