#1 Way To Improve Your Confidence

Parents call me all the time about lacrosse training for their son/daughter.

The first questions I ask are:

“How would you define success for your son/daughter?”

“If we had this conversation 6 months from now, how will you measure if their time with me is successful or not?”

9 times out of 10 the answer is confidence.


Not speed.

Not strength.


If their child’s confidence improves during their time training with me then my training program was successful!

The first thing we do at SKPC with ALL of our athletes, from a 3rd-grade beginner to a 20 year old college all-American, is work on improving their confidence.

If you can improve an athlete’s confidence then everything else seems to fall into place.

Let me explain why.

After my phone conversation with their mom or dad, I am fortunate enough to meet their son or daughter in person for a consultation.

When we meet I ask very specific questions to see how they currently think about sports in general and how they approach their preparation for those sports.

This is usually what I find out during a success session with an athlete who their parent described as “lacking confidence”.

  • Their stick skills aren’t very good.
  • They never practice on their own.

If your stick skills weren’t very good and you never did anything to improve them would you be confident when the ball is coming to you during a tie game?

I know I wouldn’t.

Are you confident when you walk in the room to take a math test that you didn’t prepare for? Probably not.

Now think about how you would feel in the following scenario.

You have 3 weeks to study for a Math final.

You study every single night leading up to the exam.

You go to a tutor 6 times before the exam.

You see your teacher for extra help 3 times before the exam.

You take 4 practice exams and score in the mid 90’s on the last two.

How do you think you will feel walking into the room to take that test?

Pretty confident huh? It makes sense that you would be confident in the above situation, doesn’t it?

Think about what produces excellent results.

An excellent PROCESS produces excellent RESULTS. The better you prepare for a math test, the higher you will score.

You can apply that same preparation to sports.

The magic of sports is in the preparation.

The process.

The journey.

The daily grind.

Which team has the best process?

Which team works the hardest?

An excellent process will yield excellent results, resulting in HIGHER CONFIDENCE.

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