That ONE Moment That Sticks Out In My Life

We all have a handful of life changing moments.

For me, some that stick out are:

  • Graduating College.
  • Getting my first job on Wall Street.
  • Getting married.
  • My kids being born.
  • Coaching for the first time.

But perhaps the biggest changing moment in my life was when I finally realized that failure was not final.

More specifically, when I finally realized that I actually didn’t “lose” or “fail” at all.


My biggest successes in life have all come after what initially felt like my biggest failures.

There is nothing wrong with failing or losing if you listen to what that loss is telling you. You need to learn from it.

Why did we blow that 4 goal lead in the final minutes? Well, we can say it’s because we “choked.”

However every time we are in a close game going forward, we will start to play tight, because we don’t want to “choke” again.

What if we looked at it differently.

Maybe, we didn’t choke.

Maybe our conditioning wasn’t what it needed to be and that’s why we faded late.

Failure is a report card. It is a grade.

It’s telling you that you need to work on something.

Next time you fail, ask yourself these 2 questions:

1) What was the outcome that I wanted?

2) What could I have done differently that would have lead to that outcome?

The answers from that self evaluation will most likely help you avoid failure the next time.

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